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A question I am often asked is how do i make my spoons...
I learned the arttree stump spoonsweb sm of forming the spoons from an Italian metalsmith who used simple tools, methods and he actually worked in gold. I use this tree stump that my husband cut from our own property, my hammers and an old railroad nail we picked up walking the tracks close by! John polished and tempered the top for me. From design on flat silver sheet to hammering out and antiquing the finished spoon, a labor of love!


Inspiration for the designs on my ingots and charms, and throughout most of my pieces comes right from nature. Color schemes can also come from a painting, or what the light does to the landscape at a particular time of day, like early morning, after a rain or especially just before dusk. Often the ethnic beads, gemstones and especially the lampwork beads are the inspiration.VanGoghIrises
For this particular piece the inspiration was Van Gogh’s ‘Irises.’ I loved the colors he used and the flowing nature of the irises.
I was so very pleased that one of my dearest of friends bought this for his wife, who fell in love with it. She ended up wearing it all over, always helping me get noticed in the process! I will forever be grateful to them both. And for her, for her enthusiasm, kind encouragement, love of life, and her courageous and stoic battle with cancer, I’ve dedicated this and all pieces made with an iris ...  
For Anna.........with love..............           Kate           

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peace turtle


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